Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for chartered cruises;
While we want you to have a great time on board the
SS Maid Marion, we also need to make sure that you
are aware of the appropriate regulations and the need
for additional care as we will be on a boat.

In general we provide dozens of cruises a year
and everyone has a great time.
Then again, occasionally we have a group who feel that rules
don’t apply to them and that they can act in ways that present
danger to crew, the vessel or their fellow passengers. The
following terms and conditions apply to these people.

Part 1
It is expected that all passengers and crew will

  • Behave in accordance with the 1973 Lake ordinance
  • Comply with appropriate laws relating to the supply and consumption of alcohol as prescribed in the ACT
  • Not act in a way that will endanger either the crew, the vessel or fellow passengers
  • Follow instructions relating to the safety and welfare of the crew, the vessel and fellow passengers

Part 2
Depending on severity, failure to comply with part 1 may result in

  • Closure of some areas of the vessel
  • Passengers displaying inappropriate behaviour will be removed and brought to the nearest available jetty
  • Early termination of the cruise with no refund
  • Calling for the assistance of the water police

Part 3
Part or all of the bond paid at the commencement of the cruise may be forfeited if:

  • Passengers behave in a manner that causes risk to fellow passengers, the crew or the vessel
  • Equipment or facilities on the boat are damaged, needing repair or replacement
  • Safety equipment is inappropriately used

Part 4
If damage exceeds the initial bond paid, arrangements will be made to pay the balance before departing the vessel at the conclusion of the cruise.
This payment is to be made within 48 hrs of the completion of the cruise.

Part 5
Cancellation of a booking must be made prior to 3 (three) weeks before the cruise date, or full booking fee will be charged.

If you cancel your booking at any time, the administration fee will not be refunded.
Download a printable copy of our Terms and Conditions for your future reference.
Please note: Any non-emergency stops during the cruise will be charged an extra fee of $50.00.

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